6/23/15 Athletic Meeting @ Starbucks

Tracy Bouck, Kristen Dimas, Christine O’Laughlin, Eric Steinmiller
Items on tonight’s agenda: Booster Club or School Account, Insurance, advice from previous athletic board and Girls Basketball

Voted to become a Booster Club (501c3) – less cps red tape, more options for vendors, fundraising abilities
Cost: $355 to apply and $195 annually to renew. Tracy will fill out application with Parent Booster USA, forward to board members and local lawyer (will need to file taxes).

Insurance – on back burner, previous questions about summer/league coverage have to be confirmed by CPS legal. Athletes will be covered by current cps policy and/or park district, as well as personal insurance.

Advice – Consistency!
Address problem areas and make sure there are clear procedures to follow.
Create forms for students who cannot afford fees to play so it is documented if questioned.

Girls Basketball
Currently short both players and coaches. Kristen will talk to Sue Cody next week about registering for the leagues (august start). Kristen will also be talking to other possible coaches and looking into setting realistic team numbers (min.8 – max.12 per team?)

Send out Phone (Eric via Ms. Pickett)/email (Tracy via PTA) blast to extend registration for girls’ basketball and seek additional coaches until July 9th. Forms can be turned into the office.

Discussed coaches application/background check cps process
Form Athletic board piece by piece; starting at general election in May and working our way backward establishing the organization while keeping Sutherland sports program running
19th Ward League – would love to be playing our local schools
Back to School Bash – handout - introducing athletic board; purpose and what we have been doing, include full calendar of monthly athletic events/activities/deadlines
Tracy noted additional agenda items for the July & August meetings.        

Next meeting Thursday, July 23rd 6:00 pm Starbucks (103rd & Longwood)