Sutherland School Athletic Association

Executive Board Meeting        
September 21, 2015, 6:30pm @Starbucks
Tracy Bouck, Kristen Dimas, Eric Wiegmann, Christine O’Laughlin, Melvon Foster, TA Henderson

Practice: A coach rented gym space and wants reimbursement. Eric has sent response saying there will be no reimbursement. Coaches should reach out to local park district gyms that can be used for free, if they are looking for additional practice time outside of the time slots provided at Sutherland. Tracy will send an email to all coaches expressing that all expenses must be pre-approved.

Sutherland field will not be accessible this Friday due to I Madonnari set-up. Eric will let coaches know of this change.

Flag Football:
Practicing Tues, Wed, Thurs at Sutherland field
Has players 4th-8th grade, needs more registration forms (Tracy will provide)

Cross Country:
Post-pone until next year      

Parent Altercation @ St. Cajetan
Kristen will write a letter of apology to the St. Cajetan athletic board w/ a CC to SSBC about the parent’s verbal altercation with a ref at the August basketball game. We are concerned about a pattern of behavior by Sutherland parents that needs to be corrected. Parents are not to approach the referee that is the job of the coach.

Girls Volleyball ($85) and Boys Basketball ($135) Oct 1st – Oct 22nd
Evaluations week of Oct. 26th
Uniform fee will be separate
Announce website/registration at Parent Open House on Sept. 29th

Add mission statement
Add photo release on registration page
Change board titles: Eric – Athletic Coordinator, Christine – Secretary  & Treasurer

Future Planning:
Coaches training
Background checks
Winter Sports Parent Meeting
Next meeting 9/28 6:30pm @ Starbucks

Respectfully Submitted,
Christine O’Laughlin

Update (9/25):
Our mission is to support an athletic program that fosters the development of children and challenges all students to reach their maximum potential.  We will provide an environment of sportsmanship, responsibility, and diversity that fosters intellectual learning and parental support. The Association is committed to offering a safe and competitive athletic program that promotes the values of E.H. Sutherland Elementary School.