Sutherland Athletic Association

Executive Board Meeting        
September 28, 2015, 6:30pm @Starbucks
Tracy Bouck, Kristen Dimas, Eric Wiegmann, Christine O’Laughlin, TA Henderson

Registration Process:
Need new avenue – registration is not user friendly
Ask Laurie Cleary about BVC online, look at Hubbard St. Dance, etc. for online ideas
Need new email – not webmail
VB and BB registration will open tomorrow, make sure all fields are required on website

Code of Conduct/Conflict Resolution:
Need action steps for game conduct: players, parents, and coaches
Ask Antuan Wilbon for his parent packet for ideas
Kristen will talk with Mr. Steinmiller via email for follow-up on parent altercation
Are there CPS procedures?

Flag Football:
CPD program: O’Halloran Park (82nd & Honore)
Need t-shirts (use extra soccer shirts & socks)
Roster of 12 players – 2 teams
Add flag football to website
Christine will add flag football paypal button for shirt payment

Remove practice schedule from flag football page
Replace w/ TWTH 3:15 -5:15

Respectfully Submitted,
Christine O’Laughlin