Sutherland Athletic Association

Board Meeting        
December 10, 2015, 7:00pm @Sutherland
Tracy Bouck, Kristen Dimas, Eric Wiegmann, Christine O’Laughlin, Melvon Foster, TA Henderson

Girls Volleyball and Boys Basketball running currently
Opened VB to 3rd graders because could not fill a team with 4th grade girls
Registration and uniform orders have been streamlined with our online process
Using Google Docs for practice schedule – will post to website

Need to create pool of people and set dates far in advance
Streamline paperwork

Using SAA website and gmail account
Could post schedules and documents on FB – talk with Laurie Cleary

Need basketballs – some coaches have already personally purchased
Basketball costs exceed $135 registration fee if we need to replenish equipment
Need extra volleyball cranks
We may have credit with Santos Sports – Kristen will check with Sue Cody
Equipment must be turned in by coaches at the end of the season.
Equipment storage is an issue. Tracy will check with PTA - is their shed empty?
Need to create equipment check-out/check-in sheets for each sport
Make sure coaches have complete 1st aid kits and that items are replenished as needed

Need to determine % of fees that will cover equipment and sports maintenance
Also determine how many leagues/tournaments each team will participate in, based on fees collected
Additional tournaments/fees passed onto parents needs to be discussed and approved by SAA board
Tracy has submitted a fund request form – all reimbursements need to be Pre-approved

End of Year – Athletic Party
Minimal cost for athletes, parents pay but cap the cost per family
Could be held at school rather than renting space
Recognition of 8th graders

Executive Board Mtg:
Need to meet with Mr. Steinmiller to discuss Matrix for behavior and how that impacts sports
Attendance and grades – participation is a privilege
Discussed coaching issues and parent complaints – all complaints must be in writing to be considered before the board takes any action
Discussed expectations of coaches providing all athletes playing time                            

Respectfully Submitted,
Christine O’Laughlin