Scheduling Practice Time

Thank you for volunteering your time to coach our Sutherland Student-Athletes.  In efforts to provide ample practice time to all teams we have a schedule in which coaches can sign up and secure time slots.  Each coach is offered two, fifty-minute time slots which is chosen through a structured manner facilitated by the Athletic Association at the coaches meeting.  

Practice times can be held before and after school Monday – Friday @ 7:00 – 7:50a.m. or between 3:10-6:50p.m. 
To allow all teams their full 50 minutes please be respectful and vacate the gym by the end of your scheduled practice time.  

If a team would does not plan to use their scheduled practice time please inform Eric Weigmann, the athletics coordinator, so that another team may utilize the space.

If the event that teams may wish to change their practice times with one another, please first verify the time change with the other team and then confirm the time change with the athletics coordinator. 

If a coach chooses to use an outside facility (location other than Sutherland School Gym) the site must be approved by the Sutherland Athletic Board.   The Board, coaches nor student-athletes or their families are expected to incur any financial obligation for practices.

Thank you for providing a safe and positive environment where our student-athletes can grow in their athletic abilities.