Sutherland Athletic Association Sports Expectations

Welcome to Sutherland Sports! We arc looking forward to a successful season. Listed below are the expectations for student athletes, parents and spectators.

Student - Athlete Academic Expectations

Student-athletes must be in good academic standing. Players must have grades of a "C" or better in all classes. If a Student-Athlete does not meet the academic standards, he/she is placed on athletic academic probation. Students on academic probations must sit out of all competitions until he/she meets the aforementioned eligibility. Student-Athletes on athletic academic probation will be eligible for reinstatement Monday of the following week. To gain reinstatements, ineligible Student-Athletes must obtain the academic standards listed in the current policy.

Student-Athlete Athletic Expectations

Players are required to be present at all practices and games.  If a player has a valid absence, a parent /guardian must contact the coach before hand - not afterwards - to avoid the absence impacting the player's attendance. Players are expected to meet all coaching expectations to ensure safety of all players. Players should have current medical emergency card and parental consent form with payment turned in prior to the first game.

Spectator Expectations

Spectators are encouraged to attend all games to support all players. Spectators will refrain from coaching from the sidelines. Spectators will refrain from addressing referees and league personnel during or immediately following a game. Please notify the coaches if you plan to attend a practice as an observer. As an observer, you may watch the practice, but should not be in contact with any players during practice time. Please schedule a time to speak with the coach, athletic coordinator or Sutherland Athletic Association about any concerns you may have. During or immediately following an athletic event is not an appropriate time to address concerns with the coach. Please allow a period of 24 hours to pass and/or complete a Recommendations and/or Concerns form (found on the website).